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Don’t underestimate the power of scammers

Posted on: May 4, 2007

internet scam is real as creating wealth in internet is,acknowledge the existance of both and make concrete step to avoid scammers,especially Nigerian scammers.control your emotion or keep your greed in check or lose everything .Internet fraud has expanded like virsus to almost all e-commerce business.These include:Auction fraud,lottery fraud,credit card scam,PPC fraud,scam blogs etc.The following security tips are quite useful.1.Don’t respond to unsolicted business mail in your mailbox. 2.Don’t be greedy.3.Don’t participate in any business deal if you have not participated in the business.4.Don’t accept to share compensation if you have a relation who died in the tragic circumstance.5.check business bureau in case of business careful about marriage proposal.


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  • ugochukwumagnus2249: In a world of complex internet business,it is essential to be aware of oppurnities that are yet on not solutions are as a result of imm
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