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Don’t waste your time,resources and energy with  those organisations listed in the scam and scammers category.Now take this tips to avoid regrets:1.know the minimum payout of the PPC organisation 2.Don’t join if the minimum payout is high (above USD100) 3.Check and make enquire in intractive websites like


PPC(pay per click) is a recent programme that pays the clicker for viewing on ads.scammers has equally developed their websites promising to pay bogus amount just for clicking on ads.Here is a list of the scam 2.

Here is more tips; 1.Most scanned photographs mailed to you must be watched with great circumspection. 2.learn much about the business. Discussing scammers and scams generally will not benefit us,we have to narrow down to our specific interest.

internet scam is real as creating wealth in internet is,acknowledge the existance of both and make concrete step to avoid scammers,especially Nigerian scammers.control your emotion or keep your greed in check or lose everything .Internet fraud has expanded like virsus to almost all e-commerce business.These include:Auction fraud,lottery fraud,credit card scam,PPC fraud,scam blogs etc.The following security tips are quite useful.1.Don’t respond to unsolicted business mail in your mailbox. 2.Don’t be greedy.3.Don’t participate in any business deal if you have not participated in the business.4.Don’t accept to share compensation if you have a relation who died in the tragic circumstance.5.check business bureau in case of business careful about marriage proposal.

GAIN EXTRA INSIGHT ON 1.scammers 2.internet security 3.Affliated programmes tips 5.blogs,websites(how to create and use for maximum benefits)


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